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Root Canals

What are Root Canals?

A root canal is a type of procedure that involves removing the pulp from a tooth. Each of your teeth has a small inner pulp that is responsible for keeping the tooth vital and healthy. If the pulp becomes damaged or compromised by decay or breakage of the tooth, it will need to be removed. Most often, a tooth that needs to be root canaled will be painful and severely sensitive.

Why might a Root Canal be needed?

The most common reason for a patient needing a root canal is because one or more of their teeth is severely decayed. The decay might have been able to reach down into the tooth, compromising and infecting the pulp itself. Another reason for needing a root canal is because a tooth has become damaged. The tooth might have broken, exposing or damaging the inside pulp. In either situation, a root canal is a good way to remove the tooth while leaving the tooth intact.

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What makes you a candidate for a Root Canal?

While most patients who need a root canal will experience both pain and sensitivity, we will still perform an exam and take x-rays to determine if a root canal is needed. If you need a root canal, we recommend having it done as soon as possible. If you leave the issue without seeking treatment, the pain and sensitivity can get worse. In many cases, a root canal that goes ignored can lead to infections and abscessing.

What happens during the Root Canal procedure?

The procedure will begin with anesthetic to numb the area of the mouth that is being treated. We place a rubber dental dam around the tooth to keep it isolated from bacteria within the mouth. The decay is then removed and the pulp is taken out using specialized dental tools and instruments. We clean the insides of the canals thoroughly and fill them with a medicated material known as gutta-percha. Next, we fill the tooth and remove the dental dam. The procedure can be done in about an hour in our office at your own convenience.

If you think you might benefit from a root canal, call us today so that one of our friendly team members can further assist you.