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Sleep Apnea Treatment

What is Sleep Apnea Treatment?

Sleep apnea affects millions of patients all over the world. It is a serious sleep-related breathing disorder that causes constant cessations in your breathing throughout the night. This can cause loud snoring as well as causing you to wake up regularly while you’re asleep. Sleep apnea treatment in our office can involve a simple device that is worn nightly to keep the airway open.

Why is Sleep Apnea Treatment needed?

Sleep apnea can disrupt every single aspect of your life. Because you’re not sleeping well each night, you might be too tired to work, drive or spend time with your loved ones during the day. You will even find that sleep apnea leads to other medical and health issues. Treatment is important in eliminating the symptoms so that you can rest easier each night.

What Is Sleep Apnea Treatment
Why Is Sleep Apnea Treatment Needed

Who is a candidate for Sleep Apnea Treatment?

To determine if you might benefit from sleep apnea treatment, we will perform an examination and look over all medical and health history. We will even ask you about your symptoms and your sleep habits at night. Most patients who have mild to moderate sleep apnea can benefit from the treatment option that we have available. It is important that you wear the device nightly in order for it to work effectively.

What happens during Sleep Apnea Treatment?

The treatment process begins with impressions. These molds of your teeth allow us to create a device that brings the upper jaw forward and keeps the airway open. This makes it easier for you to breathe throughout the night without snoring and waking up constantly. The device must be worn each time you go to sleep in order for it to work at treating the sleep apnea. The device can last for many years before it should be replaced. Many of our patients have found that wearing this device is easier and more comfortable than wearing a CPAP machine.

If you think you might benefit from sleep apnea treatment, call our office today so that we can get you in for a consultation appointment.